Tuesday, August 3, 2021

$200,000 Endowment


The endowment fund supports student scholarships.

What is an Endowment

An endowment is an investment in the future.  An endowment is an invested gift that generates income to be used, in perpetuity, to support the university and public.  Because endowments generate funds indefinitely, they are often referred to as “the gift that keeps on giving.”  When you establish an endowment, your gift is invested with two goals in mind: to make the principal grow faster than inflation, and to provide additional income for whatever purpose you designate. Endowments are an institution financial foundation.

Endowments serve the University and the public by:

·      Providing stability.  University revenues fluctuate over time with changes in enrollment (tuition), donor interest (gifts) and public (largely state and federal) support.  Since principal is not spent, endowments generate earnings year after year.  Endowments support faculty position, innovative academic programs, libraries and student aid.

·      Leveraging other sources of revenue.  An endowment allows the University to provide a higher level of quality or service at a lower price than would ever be possible.  Without endowments or other private gifts, institutions would have to cut back on their programs, raise their prices to students or obtain additional public funding to maintain current programs at current prices.

·      Unlike gifts expended upon receipt, an endowed gift keeps giving over time.  Endowed institutions can plan strategically to use a reliable stream of earnings to strengthen and enhance the quality of their programs, even if many years will be required to achieve some of their goals.  By making endowed gifts, alumni and others take responsibility for ensuring the long-term well-being of the University; their gifts enable future generations of students to benefit from a higher quality of education and allow these institutions to make even greater contributions to the public good.



Endowed Scholarship

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